Answer the question example 8.1

Answer the question example 8.1 sequence of the displacement current b time- dependent electric and magnetic fields to , Faraday's law or electromagnetic induction and More give a quantitative expression Of this statement, the current the total current, as in Eq. (8.5). one very important consequence symmetry is the existence Of electromagnetic waves. which we (8.5) _g MAXWELL'S FOUATIONS Ites. ient 1. fE.dA=Q/eo ent O. fB.dA=O 3. (fE.d1= dt It. 4. go ic+ßo dt (Gauss's Law for electricity) (Gauss's Law for magnetism) (Faraday's Law) (Ampere — Maxwell Law) ple 8.1 A parallel plate capacitor with circular plates of radius m has a capacitance of 1 nF. At t = O, it is connected for charging in eries With a resistor R = 1 MQ across a 2V battery (Fig. 8.3). Calculate e magnetic field at a point P, halfway between the centre and the eriphery of the plates, after t = s. (The charge on the capacitor t time t is q (t) = CV II — exp (—t/r)l, where the time constant t iS ual to CR) op = 0.5m IMQ


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