Article on teen years are fun years 130 to 150 words .Please please its urgent i what it before friday 15 may 2015.

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  • Teenage is one of the most crucial stages of one's life. There is the vibrancy of youth, maturity of  a young adult and the vivacity of a youngster.
  • It is at this stage in life when one experiences the transition between childhood and adulthood.
  • It is this youthful energy that fuels the enthusiasm to try different things and explore other options.
  • Being able bodied and energetic, this is the perfect time to explore outdoor activities, travelling and discovering the world.
  • These are also times when the strongest friendships are formed and wonderful memories are made.


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itz easy 1 DUde just hw u r enjoying u r life present nw or u hve enjoyed in teen age just describe it briefly ............ 
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