B.7 'Democratic governments are transparent and legitimate' justify the statement.

A democracy is a legitimate and transparent form of government. Following points prove the statement-
1. In democracy people have right to choose their representatives and participate in process of decision making which will be going to affect them in future.Thus this form of government produces an accountable form of government which is responsive to the citizen's needs.
2. It allows room for discussions before decisions making which often delays implementation but is considered as healthy and productive way of decision making.Therefore undoubtedly one can say that the time that get lost has worth the effort.
3. Democracy also ensure that decision making has followed a set of proper rules and guidelines and in case a citizen wants to confirm this he/ she can do the same  thus ensuring transparency of decision making.
So here it is proved that democracy is a legitimate and transparent form of government that allows people to question different aspects and the government in case the person have any doubt over the policies of government.

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