Beakers A and B contains a solution of potassium permanganate and a mxiture of chalk powder in water . Mention one point of difference that you would observe in the two mixtures . On the basis of the observation categorise the two as homogeneous and hetrogeneous mixture.

Beaker A is a homogenous mixture while Beaker B is a heterogeneous mixture of chalk and water.

Particles of potassium permanganate solution are not visible by eyes and they do not settle down with time while that of chalk power is visible and settle down after some time.

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In beaker A the particles of the solute(potassium permanganate) do not settle down while the sediment of chalk in Beaker B settles down and clear water collects above.

Therefore The mixture in A is a homogeneous mixture while the mixture in B is a theterogeneous mixture.

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