Both Ramand and Azam Khan seem to have very fixed views. How does Ramanand score over Azam Khan towards the end of the story?

Ramanand was a money minded man who would agree to his customer. Was not this how he had built all his money? However, Azam was a man who lived by his worn out pride, tracing his lineage that his father was a Sultan. He was proud in vain. He was determined that only a man who is successor of a warrior or is associated with a royal house can have a Tiger moustache. And a money lender is supposed to have a goat moustache. Ramanand did agree to Azam every time and turned the tip of his moustache down to keep his customer happy while raising the other end to tempt him to return with another possession to bargain. Stubborn they both were in their trading and pride. It helped Ramanand to gain possessions while Azam became a pauper bargaining all that he possessed to feed his false pride.

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