"burning fossil fuel is a cause of global warming" justify this statement

The burning of fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum releases greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere. These green house gases cause green house effect.  Green house effects is the phenomenon in which heat radiated from the warmed earth’s surface  is absorbed by green house gases present in the atmosphere. This trapping of heat increases earth’s  average temperature and resulted in the phenomenon known as global warming.

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Combustion of fossil fuels results in the emission of harmful and poisonous gases into the atmosphere such as carbon monoxide, oxides of sulphur, oxides of nitrogen and particulate matter. The oxides of sulphur and nitrogen (particularly SO2 and NO2) combine with water vapour present in air to form droplets of sulphuric acid and nitric acid respectively. These droplets remain suspended in air. These dissolve in rain water thereby making it acidic, and hence cause acid rain.

Fossil fuels contain carbon as the principal element. Therefore, combustion of fossil fuels releases carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas which causes global warming.

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Burning fossil fuels is a cause of global warming because when these fuels are burnt in complete combustion (sufficient oxygen) or incomplete combustion (insufficient oxygen) then the resultant gas Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Carbon monoxide (CO) is formed respectively. This gas traps the heat from the atmosphere from reaching into space and hence the temperature of the atmosphere increases causing Global Warming. In this sense, we can say indirectly that, Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide is a contributant gas in global warming.

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