can i have the solution for table 13.1 in page 221 of chapter Photosynthesis In Higher Plants?

COMPARISON BETWEEN c3 and c4 plants, Table 13,1 ncert class plus one

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1.c3-mesophyll ,c4-both mesophyll and vascular bundle..2.c3-mesophyll c4-both.3.c3-1 c34-24.c3-RUBP c4-PEP5.c4-3 c4-3..... perhaps it is not wrongs if you found wrong than mail me the correct answer at
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Cell type in which the Calvin cycle takes place : C3- Mesophyll C4-Bundle sheath 2) Cell type in which INITIAL carboxylation reaction occurs: C3 - Mesophyll C4 -Mesophyll 3)How many cell types does the leaf have that fix CO2: C3- one, Mesophyll C4- two, bundle sheath and Mesophyll 4) Which is primary CO2 acceptor: C3 - RuBP C4- PEP 5)Number of carbons in the primary co2 acceptor : C3 - 5 C4 - 3 Tired 😴
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if any mistake found pls attach ur correct answer

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no, but can i have your no. ;)
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which gas is released from the plant
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