Can we square both sides of an inequality which has a variable ( like the inequality in the image) ????

Dear student,
For this question, you need to understand cases first,
Case 1:
If both the numbers are positive, then the sign will remain the same.
eg, 2 < 3
Squaring both sides, 4 < 9
So if you take two positive numbers, the square of the smaller number will remain smaller than the square of the larger number.
Case 2:
If one of them is negative, then it will differ from case to case.
(i) -1 < 0 
    squaring both sides, 1 > 0 
(ii) -1 < 1
    squaring both sides,1 = 1
(iii)-1 < 2 
      squaring both sides, 1 < 4 
Case 3:
When both are negative, then sign will reverse.
eg, -1 > -2
squaring both sides, 1 < 2 
Keeping all these in mind, you need to solve the above inequality.
And you can square inequality both sides but keeping above rules in mind
The sign of variable "a" should be taken into consideration.
For more assistance, you can send us the full question.

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