can you give me a letter to principal regarding tmo days laeve in sanskrit

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S.No.Alauddin KhaljiMuhammad Bin Tughluq1Alauddin Khalji was from Khalji dynasty.Muhammad Bin Tughluq was from Tughluq dynasty.2His capital was Delhi.He shifted his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad.3Alauddin built a new battalion town called Siri for his soldiers.Instead of constructing a new town, Tughluq ordered the people of Delhi to move to the new capital, Daulatabad and made the soldiers camp in Delhi.4He collected the harvest from lands as taxes from farmers to give food to his soldiers.But Tughluq charged extra taxes to sustain his large army and this led to food shortage.5Alauddin?s rule was consistent and prosperous as things were very easily made available at lower rates.His managerial actions were not very efficient. The relocation of people to Daulatabad, increased taxes and famine and all resulted in mutiny.
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