can you name some other parts where photosynthesis occur?

Photosynthesis takes place in the plant's chloroplasts.Within the plant cell, the cytoplasm contains chloroplasts that do the work of chemical reactions.In most cases (but not all), photosynthesis centers are on the leaves of the plant.It occurs in a green plant inside the plant cell in the chloroplast were a green pigment called chlorophyll thats were it happens.Photosynthesis occurs mostly in plants because only plants have chloroplasts.There are some corals (animals) that look green and appear to carry out photosynthesis. In fact there are microscopic algae (zooxanthellae) inside the corals (endosymbiosis). The algae have the chlorophyll and perform photosynthesis.

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photosythesis occurs only in green plants and green parts of plants.......

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Basically if you see any part of plant which is green in colour then it is sure to do photosynthesis because the green colour comes from the chlorophyll pigment present in choloroplast. So if it is green it has to have chloroplast hence undergo photosynthesis
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If you wanna give a particular answer..then you can say green stems and green branches.
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green plants
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Mesophyll cells
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photosynthesis takes place in other green parts of the plant such as green stems 
As the stems have chloroplasts photosynthesis is possible 
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Green stem and green branches
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Assimilatory roots.. Green stem... Petiole.... Cladode.... Phylloclade....
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