Change the following into Passive Voice:
1.Are you helping us?
2.Do you know how to draw a picture?
3.Who was the author of "The Midnight's Children"?
Please give the ans. Along with a note on how to change questions into passive as I am quite Perplexed.

Dear student,

1. Are we being helped by you?
2. Is drawing a picture known by you?
3. By whom was"The Midnight's Children" authored?


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dear student,

1) are we being helped by you ?
2)Is that picture drawn by you 
3)In the Midnight's Children, who was the author?

Passive voice: Have they been invited by you? Active voice: Will you help him? Passive voice: Will he be helped by you? The question words when, why, where, how or what does not change their position at the beginning of the sentence when the active voice is changed into the passive voice.


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