Continuously water-logged soils are disadvantageous for plant growth.why?

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Roots although underground have living organisms which need Oxygen for their growth and respiration. Soil have pores which may be occupied by air and water. If all spaces occupied by water in the soil, then there will be no space for air. Therefore, continuously water logged soils are disadvantageous for plant growth.

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No place for air to enter the soil of the soil is water logged
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Here is the answer:

Water-logged soils are disadvantageous for plant growth as :-
  • In water-logged soils, water overflows on the ground and is not absorbed.
  • Excess  water will lead to loss of nutrients from soil.
  • It may sometimes erode the topsoil where a plant is grown.
  • This will give a harmful affect the overall growth of a plant.
  • Also, the water will occupy the spaces that are for air in the soil and no space for air would be left. 
  • Hence root respiration in a plant will not take place in the absence of air in the soil.
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