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I need help for a few questions for my project:-1. what are the major man-made sources of air pollution?2. what can be done to prevent air pollution?3.write about global warming in brief.4. pictures for the judicious use of water resources

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Some of the measures to reduce air pollution are,

  • Switching over from traditional fuels to alternative, cleaner fuelssuch as solar energy, wind energy, and hydropower energy. Unlike fossil fuels, these alternative sources of energy do not cause pollution and can be tapped from nature, where these are available in abundance.
  • The burning of dry leaves causes a lot of pollution. Therefore, instead of burning them, one can bury these leaves in a compost pit. The leaf compost thus obtained can be used as manure for plants.
  • Planting of trees is another measure that can be taken to reduce air pollution.
  • Spread awareness: We should explain the importance of trees to our friends and motivate them to plant trees and nurture the already existing trees in their locality.



Global Warming:

  • The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing due to the current global trend in deforestation and increasing combustion of fossil fuels. Increase in CO2 content in the atmosphere would cause more heat to be retained by the atmosphere leading to global warming.
  • Population control is important to reduce global warming. Increase in human population has a great impact on global warming. Because, humans use fossil fuels, to power their increasingly mechanized lifestyles. Increased populations create demand for oil, gas, coal and other fuels. Burning fossils emits carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere to trap warm air inside like a greenhouse.
  • We should plant more trees and should not cut trees. Use of motor vehicles, Air condition, Refrigerator etc should be minimized. Because,these emits more carbon di oxide. Smoking, industrial wastes, burning materials add more carbon di oxide to atmosphere. All these must be stopped or minimized a lot to avoid global warming.



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