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1.state the difference between complete and incomplete combustion

2. explain what is meant by renewable and non renewable rsources with examples

3. what is meant by destructive distillation of coal.Mention the useage of various products of distructive distillation.

4.classify coal on the basis of carbon content and moisture content

5.Name 2 elements present in fossil fuels

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1. Complete combustion takes place when there is sufficient amount of air supply. 
Incomplete combustion takes place when there is insufficient amount of air supply.
(i) Burning of coal in sufficient amount of air
C + O2 
→ CO2

(ii) Burning of coal in sufficient amount of air
2C + O2 → 2CO

​2. Renewable resources
Those natural resources which are renew after a passage of time. They are inexhaustible and not much affected by human activities. Example- sunlight, water, air

Non renewable resources
Those resources which are present in fixed quantities and take long time to replenish. They are exhaustible resources and they need to be conserve for future use. Example- fossil fuels and minerals.

3. Destructive distillation of coal-
It is a process of decomposition of coal into its constituents by heating. The products obtained by this process are-
a) coal gas used as fuel in many industries
​b) coal tar used for production perfumes, explosives, plastics etc
c) coke- used in manufacture of steel and extraction of metals 

4. Classification of coal on the basis of carbon content:
  • Anthracite Coal : 80.5 - 85.7 weight %
  • Bituminous Coal : 44.9-78.2 weight %
  • Lignite Coal : 31.4 weight %
​​Classification of coal on the basis of moisture content:
  • Anthracite Coal : 2.8 - 16.3 weight %
  • Bituminous Coal : 2.2 - 15.9 weight %
  • Lignite Coal : 39 weight %
​​5. Elements present in fossil fuels- carbon, hydrogen, sulphur, nitrogen.

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