define unification and reductionism??

Unification refers to explanation of large number of phenomena by lesser and lesser number of laws of physics and finally arriving to a single law which is the underlying principle behind all phenomena that exists in nature.

Reductionism is a philosophy that tends to reduce the observation and phenomena into certain basic set of principles. Reductionism as a philosophy was instituted by Socrates who taught his students to draw conclusion based upon observation and should be guided by logic, reductionism underlies most of the scientific observations.

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Both are philosophical ideas often used to relate or explain the very fundamental nature of different scientific (physical) theories.

Reductionism is an idea that every complex scientific of mathematical theory can be broken up or reduced to simpler basic forms or, every theory, at its very heart, is elementary in nature.

Unification promotes an idea that every single theory and science and mathematics can fundamentally be linked or unified into an all encompassing theory fit to describe all natural phenomena.

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