define uniform acceleration derive the following equations considering uniform acceleration-s=ut+(1/2)a(t*t) and (v*v)-(u*u)=2as

Uniform acceleration:

A body has a uniform acceleration if it travels in a straight line and it's velocity changes by equal amounts in equal intervals of time.

Example:Motion of a freely falling body.

To derive the equation, let us consider a body moving with an initial velocity 'u'and uniform acceleration 'a' for time't'. Suppose it's final velocity becomes' v' and the distance travelled by the body in this time be 's'.

Average velocity=


Now again,

we have first equation of motion v=u+at  and second equation of motion

Putting the value t=(v-u)/a from v=u+at ,in the second equation of motion,we get

This is the third equation of motion.

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 uniform aceleration- if an object covers equal distance in equal intervals of time it is said to be in uniform motion

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