defnation of ampere's circuital law


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The Ampere’s Circuital Law can be defined as: The circulation of the resultant magnetic field along a closed, plane curve is equal to μ0 times the total current crossing the area bounded by the closed curve provided the electric field inside the loop remains constant.
In the above illustration the Ampere’s Circuital Law can be written as,
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in above explaination one thing is not clear is

  how  i = modulus of i1 - i2

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That's because here i is the net current enclosed by the amperical surface. and that's obtained by the resultant of i1 and i2

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i is not the net charge.

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what is i  here in i=modlues i1-i2

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 I = | I1 - I2 | because, they are in opposite directions, and I is the resultant current (total current), which we require

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