Democracy allows room to correct mistakes.Explain

Democracy  allows us to correct its own mistakes. as
(i) The advantage in a democracy is that mistakes can’t be hidden for long. 
(ii) There is a space for public discussion on these mistakes. 
(iii) There is a room for correction either the rulers have to change this decisions or the rulers can be changed. This can’t happen in a non democratic government. 
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experts can you please answer or certify the answer
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Democracy is a form of governance that represents the will of the people. The democratic governments are chosen by the people through popular mandate. These governments work for the people as the men who govern are chosen by the people. A democracy is ever-changing and ever-reforming so that it becomes more and more efficient in serving the people. A few mistakes may occur once in a while, when certain decisions do not produce the desired results. If the intentions are good, democracy provides with ample opportunities to rectify the mistakes.
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Democracy is a rule by the people, of the people, for the people.Democratic ideals run on universal freedom specially right to free speech. It serves to check unaccountable power and manipulation through elected representatives. So when mistakes are committed it is these elected representatives who correct them. Rules are passed, proposals are made so that these mistakes can be checked and corrected.
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In short, to make it easy for you,
Democracy is a very transparent form of government because it is the people's rule and the mistakes created by the rulers can be verified and corrected by the people in a Democracy Either by campaigns or protests.#
It always a has a room for correction and mistakes cannot be hidden for a long time.
Again, it depends upon the type of Country or Democracy.
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