derive an expression for banking of road with the help of diagram?

For the vehicle to go round the curved track at a reasonable speed without skidding, the greater centripetal force is managed for it by raising the outer edge of the track a little above the inner edge. It is called banking of circular tracks.

Consider a vehicle of weight Mg, moving round a curved path of radius r, with a speed v, on a road banked through angleθ.

The vehicle is under the action of the following forces:

  • The weight Mg acting vertically downwards

  • The reaction R of the ground to the vehicle, acting along the normal to the banked road OA in the upward direction

The vertical component R cos θ of the normal reaction R will balance the weight of the vehicle and the horizontal component R sin θ will provide the necessary centripetal force to the vehicle. Thus,

R cosθ = Mg …(i)

R sin θ = Mv2r   ..........(ii)

On dividing equation (ii) by equation (i), we get

R sin θR cos θ= Mv2/rMgtan  θ = v2rg

As the vehicle moves along the circular banked road OA, the force of friction between the road and the tyres of the vehicle, F = μR, acts in the direction AO.

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