Describe the contribution of agriculture in economic development

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The contribution of agriculture in economic development is as follows- 

1. Product Contribution: Most of the developing countries depend on their own agriculture to provide food to be consumed by their population.

2. Factor Contribution: Another contribution of agriculture to economic development is that it provides two important factors — labour and capital for industrial growth.

3. Market Contribution: The market contribution of agriculture means the demand for industrial products. In the earlier stages of development when urban sector is very small and markets for exports have not yet been found, agricultural sector of developing countries is a major source of demand or market for industrial products.

4. Foreign Exchange Contribution: The exports of agricultural products can also be a source of foreign exchange earnings. In the initial stages of development when industrial sector has not yet developed much, agriculture is a source of foreign exchange earnings from its exports of primary goods.

5. Agriculture and Poverty Alleviation: A majority of poor people live in rural areas. Even after 60 years of independence around 40% of population in the rural areas of India lives below the poverty line and a majority of them consists of small and marginal farmers, landless agricultural labourers, Scheduled Casts and Tribes.



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Agriculture gave more job oppurtunities to the unemployed..
It increased the GDP of country..
It made peolpe engaged in different ways..
It made india a good export country...
In these ways, the national economy has developed by the help of agriculture...
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