describe the different methods of asexual reproduction?

  There are four types of asexual reproduction:-

1.Vegetative Prpogation:-The method of obtaining new plants from any vegetative part of the plant(root, stem, leaves)except flower is called vegetative propogation.

2.Budding:-It is the method of reproduction in which a small bulb-like projection called bud comes out from the parent cell.The bud gradually grows and detaches from the parent cell and forms a new cell.

3.Fragmentation:-When water and nutrients are available, some organisms like alga grow and multiply rapidly by fragmentation. They breaks up into two or more fragments.These fragments or pieces grow into new individuals.

4.Spore formation:-The spores are asexual reproductive bodies.Each spore is covered by a hard protective coat to withstand unfavourable conditions such as high temperature and low humidity.When the conditions become favourable,the coat breaks down and the spore germinates and developsinto a new individual.

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1. Budding

2. Fragmentation

3. Spore formation

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