describe the narrator's uncle Khosrove

Narrator's uncle Khoshrove was an enormous man and had a very large moustache.he was short-tempered, so irritable,impatient. Many times he even stopped people from talking by roaring. He didnt even let his own son tell him that their house was on fire and stopped him as well as the barber (he was having his moustache trimmed) by roaring. This might also show that he was pretty rude and careless.

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Uncle khosrove an enormous man with a powerful head of black hair and the largest mustache in the San Joaquin Valley, a man so furious in temper, so irritable, so impatient that he stopped anyone from talking by roaring, it is no harm, pay no attention to it..
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He is a enormous man with a large moustache he is extremely furious, irritable and impatient. His refrain is:it is no harm pay on attention to it.
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Where did they hide the horse and why l?
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