Describe the state of hybridization, the shape and magnetic behavior of the following complex:  [Cr(H2O)2(C2O4)2]_
(At no's: Cr = 24)        

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Oxidation state of Cr in [Cr(H2O)2(C2O4)2]- :
x+2×0+2×(-2)=-1or, x-4=-1or x=+3

Now, Valence shell electronic configuration of Cr = 3d‚Äč5 4s1
Valence shell electronic configuration of Cr3+= 3d3 4s0 4p0
H2O is a monodentate ligand while C2O4 is a bidentate ligand
So, 2 H2O ligands will donate 2 lone pair and 2C2O4 will donate 4 lone pairs
Overall 6 lone pair are donated. These 6 pairs will go to the two empty d-orbital, one s orbital and three p orbital. 
Hence, the hybridisation will be d2sp3
d2sp3 means octahedral shape
and, here number of unpaired electrons = 3
Hence, the compound will be paramagentic as it contains unpaired electron. 

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