describe the taproot modification with labeled diagram  answere this question for  4 marks pls

Modification of Tap Root

  • Roots of some plants modify their structure, shape, etc.

  • These modifications are performing functions, other than absorption and conduction of water and minerals.

  • Modified roots may perform functions such as support, respiration, and storage.

This figure is taken from NCERT book , Class XI from page no.68.

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Taproot System In plants the primary root originates in the embryo from the radicle. In gymnosperms and most dicots, the primary root becomes a taproot, growing directly downward and giving rise to lateral roots. A taproot and its branches make up the taproot system. 

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  A persistent taproot system forms when the radicle keeps growing and smaller lateral roots form along the taproot. The shape of taproots can vary but the typical shapes include:

  • Conical root: this type of root tuber is conical in shape, i.e. widest at the top and tapering steadily towards the bottom: e.g. carrot.
  • Fusiform root: this root is widest in the middle and tapers towards the top and the bottom: e.g. radish.
  • Napiform root: the root has a top-like appearance. It is very broad at the top and tapers suddenly like a tail at the bottom: e.g. turnip.

Many taproots are modified into storage organs.

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