Describe the village's scene when Ranga returned from Bangalore.

After his return from Bangalore where he had been studying for six months, much to everyone’s surprise, he was just the same. His homecoming became a great event for the villagers. People rushed to his door step wanting to have a look at him. An old lady even ran her hand over his chest, looked into his eyes and remarked that the janewara was still there. He hadn’t lost his caste.

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when Ranga returned form bangalore, his villagers were excited and gathered in a crowd around his house to see the changes in him. as many villagers believed that people change as they shift to the city.

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he was so surprised

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he was surprised
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When ranga returned from bangalore, people were very curious to see ranga because he went for six months study . he completed his study in six months and returned with a great knowledge of English, the curious villagers collected around his house to observe whether his eduaction had changed him. but everyone was surprised to see that ranga was the same as he had been six months ago when he had left their village.  
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