Difference between plant cell and animal cell.??

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Animal cell

Plant cell

Animal cells are generally small in size.

Plants cells are usually larger than animal cells.

Cell wall is absent.

Cell wall is present.

Except the protozoan Euglena, no animal cell possesses plastids.

Plastids (chromoplasts and leucoplasts) are present.

Vacuoles are smaller in size.

Vacuoles are larger in size.

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Plant Cells:

* have chloroplasts and use photosynthesis to produce food
* have cell wall made of cellulose
* A plant cell has plasmodesmata - microscopic channels which traverse the cell walls of the cells
* one very large vacuole in the center
* are rectangular in shape

Animal Cells:

* don 't have chloroplast
* no cell wall (only cell membrane)
* No plasmodesmata
* one small vacuole
* either circular, irregular or defined shapes depending on the type of cel

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Plant cells are larger than animal cells.
2.Plant cells have chloroplasts unlike animal cells
3.Plant cells have a cell wall unlike animal cells.
4.Animal cells have a lot of lysosomes unlike plant cells.
5.Animal cells have a centrosome unlike plant cells
6.Plant cells have plasticids unlike animal cells
7.Vacuoles are conspicuous in plant cells than animal cells i.e. large central vacuole in plant cells
8. Animal cells can be phagocytic (engulf other cells) unlike plant cells
9.Cells of Higher plants lack centrioles unlike animal cells.
10.Plant cells have plasmodesmata which links pores in the cell wall allow and communication between adjacent cells unlike animal cells.

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