difference between polymorphism and metagenesis.

Metagenesis or alternation of generation is the phenomenon, where one generation of organisms found in the same animal shows both sexual and asexual type of reproduction cycle. For example, the coelenterates body shows two main forms polyp and medusa . Both the two forms alternate in the life cycle and found in the same animal.
Whereas, Polymorphism is a phenomenon in which more than one kind of organisms performs different functions occur in organism during its life cycle. For example, both polyp and medusa perform different functions, polyp perform vegetative functions such as respiration and nutrition etc. While, medusa performs reproductive functions.

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polymorphism means presence of more than one form of an organism
it may be male and female form as well
In metagenesis there is alternation of generation I.e both sexual and asexual reproduction occurs
metagenesis include polymorphism but polymorphism may or may not include metagenesis
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