difference betwer bio fertilizer and fertilizer

BiofertilizersFertilizers or chemical fertilizers
Biofertilizer ' is a substance which contains living microorganisms which promote growth by increasing the supply or availability of primary nutrients to the host plant.Fertilizers are made from the synthetic chemicals. The main nutrients added in fertilizers are nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.
Cost effective relative to chemical fertilizer.It is costly than bio fertilizers
It is environmentally friendly fertilizer.It creates lot of environmental problem like soil and water pollution.
Its function is in long duration causing improvement of the soil fertilityIts works for small duration and has to be used again and again. It causes infertility of soil after using again and again

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do u mean the difference between bio fertilizer and organic fertilizer ?

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bio-fertilizer it self explains, fertilizer that contains biologicalmeans, living organisms that synthesis the atmospheric plant nutrient in the soil or in the plant body, or create such an atmosphere in the soil or in the medium (in which the organisms are kept) which are helpful for the plants, the bio' fertilizers may be in solid or liquid medium and micro organisms are in huge numbers i.e. 10000000 gm
all above means the nutrients made available to the plants by the help of micro organisms are bio-fertilizers. bio-fertilizers are element specific
organic manure is the manure prepared from the animalplant wastes after properly decomposing the raw material it may contain all necessary plant nutrients in small quantities. these are required in large quqntities. these may the medium for bio-fertilizers

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