Discuss the way height in adolescents increases

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During puberty bones of arms and legs increases which leads to increase in height.
During puberty following the way by which increase in height is observed in adolescents:-
1) Genetic and environmental factors are responsible for growth of height in adolescents.
2) Growth hormone secretion increases during puberty along with other hormones like thyroxine, insulin and corticosteroids which also affect growth during puberty.
3) Proper diet increases growth of height during puberty.
4) Exercise, swimming and other environmental factors also affect growth during puberty.


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you should search net.thank you for asking this question because i am getting five hundred points by writing this silly answer.i.
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when the bones increases in hieght  our height increases.  At this time yhe long bones , that is , the bones of the arms and the legs elongate and make a person tall
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