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Q4. The below figure shows the combination of a movable pulley P1 with a fixed pulley P2 used for lifting up a load W.

    (i) State the function of the fixed pulley P2.

    (ii) If the free end of the string moves through a distance x, find the distance by which the load W is raised.

    (iii) Calculate the force to be applied at C to just raise the load W = 20 kgf, neglecting the weight of the pulley P1 and friction.

                    (Ans. changes direction, d2, F = 10 kgf) (ICSE 2005)

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(1) The fixed pulley P2 changes the direction of eggort and puts it in a more convenient direction.(2) If the free end of string moves the direction x downward each side of the string of the pulleyP1 will shorten by length x2. Hence the load W will move upwards by the distance x2.(3) Since the system has one movable pulley its mechanical advantage is 2.As mechanical advantage=loadefforteffort=loadMAeffort=2010=10 kgf

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