Do you think Evans expecting governor in the hotel and explain with reasons ( Evans tries an o level)

Dear student,

Yes, Evans had expected the Governor at the hotel. The Governor was not a part of Evan's escape plan. He decoded Evan's question paper and the changes that had been made in his paper. He found out that it was not actually a correction slip but a paper with coded information about the hotel where Evans had to reach after the escape from the Oxford Prison. The Governor managed to reach Evans and arrest him from the hotel. But, he did not realise then that Evans had planned each move carefully. He handcuffed Evans and sent him back to the jail accompanied by two officers in a police van. However, it is only revealed later that the officers were not real but Evan's friends disguised as policemen and Evans had once again managed to escape.
Even after his rearrest at the hotel, Evans had yet again managed to outsmart the Governor and the other members of the authority.


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Some reasons-
1. He had already broken many jails he could not be so careless.
2. He left the map and his answer sheet for the governor.
3. He had arranged his exit already.
4. He wanted to have a last laugh on the governor.
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