Don't fret mother, I 'll not run away. "Explain this phrase in points Appropriately

  • Andrew reassured the old woman saying that he would not run away because it was evident from her expression that she thought he would leave the case saying he would return later.
  • As Andrew stepped into the small bedroom which was clean but poorly furnished and lit only by an oil lamp, he must have taken note of their miserable conditions of living.
  • The old woman was in the room at that time and she was keenly following Andrew's expressions to understand what he was thinking.
  • She thought that looking at their state of living, Andrew would not take the case.
  • She offered to make him a cup of tea so that during the period of waiting, Andrew would not be tempted to leave and be occupied.
  • Andrew reiterated that it was not his intention to run away so she could rest, assured.
  • Even though he was overwrought and this case seemed to be extremely demanding, Andrew decided to remain until everything was over.


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