Draw a circle with the help of a Bangle . Take a point outside the circle. Construct the pair of tangents from this point to the circle.( Please share a video how to construct!!)

Dear Student

Following the given steps in order to construct the tangents.

Step 1 : Draw a circle of radius 4.5 cm and centre O.

Step 2 : Take a point A on the circle. Join OA.

Step 3 : Draw a perpendicular to OA at A.

Step 4 : Draw a radius OB, making an angle of 135° (180° – 45°) with OA.

Step 5 : Draw a perpendicular to OB at point B. Let these perpendiculars intersect at P.

Here, PA and PB are the required tangents inclined at angle of 45°.

P.S. I have sent the step-wise constructions of a tangent to a circle. However, you may refer to the study material provided on our website in order to view videos of the same.


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