Draw AngleDEF = 72degree. Construct 3/4 AngleDEF using compass.

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As you cannot construct an angle of 72° using compass and ruler. You can easily draw angles which are multiples of 15° with the help of compass.
So first you draw an angle of 72° with the help of a protractor and then you can construct  34 of that angle.
Steps of construction for  54° angle.
1) Draw a ray XY .
2) Draw AXY = 72° using protractor.
3)Taking X as centre and any convenient radius,draw an arc intersecting AX and XY at O and P respectively.
4) Taking P and O as centres and radius more than half OP, draw two arcs intersecting at M.
5) Draw a ray XB passing through M. Let this ray intersect the arc OP at Q.
6)Taking Q and O as centres and radius more than half QO, draw two arcs intersecting at N.
7)Draw a ray XC passing through N.
Thus CXY = 34×72°=54°

Here we first draw  AXY= 72°.Then bisect this angle to get  BXY= 36°.Then again bisect the angle between AX and BX to get CXY=  54°

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