expansion of the Delhi Sultanate : the Khilji and the Tuglak dynasty. price control was introduced by Aladdin why ?

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Expansion of Delhi Sultanate : 

Khilji Dynasty : The founder of Khilji dynasty was Jalaluddin Khilji and was a muslim dynasty that ruled Delhi and other parts of India for nearly three decades.Khiljin dynasty came to power by a revolution that caused the transfer of power from Turkish to a Indo-Mussalman.
Alauddin Khilji was son-in-law of Jalal-ud-din.He later murdered Jalal-ud-din and took his power to become a Sultan in 1296. Alauddin later continued to expand Delhi sultanate to the Southern India with the help of Malik Kafur and Khusraw Khan.He reigned for 20 years.
Tughlaq Dynasty : The Tughlaq Dynasty came from 1320 and ended during the end of the 14th century. THe first ruler was Ghazi Malik and he ruled for five years and built Tughlaqabad. He was later killed by his own son Muhammad Bin Tughlaq , who ruled for 26 years and made Delhi sultanate reach its peak in geographical terms by covering most of the Indian subcontinents.

Price Control By Allauddin Khalji : 

Allauddin Khalji ruled between the period of 1296 to 1316. When he came on the throne, the kingdom was in a state of mess, trade and agriculture were not in a good condition , and prices of commodities were soaring.Therefore to reduce the prices and to improve to current situation , he took some important steps :

(1)He fixed the prices of most commodities e.g. grain, pulses, vegetables, sugarcane, meat , fish, dry fruit, cloth, cattle ,etc.
(2) Strict action were taken against  black marketeers and hoarders. Harsh punishments were given to those who violated the law/rules.
(3) Dalals or the middlemen were eliminated. Only registered traders were allowed to purchase grains and other stuff from peasants and other producers.



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