Explain and draw the life cycle of liverworts and mosses.

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Liverworts and moss belong to the division bryophyta of plant Kingdom. All bryophytes exhibit haplo- diplontic life cycle. Following diagram shows the life cycle of liverworts. For example, Marchantia
  • Usually occur in cool, damp, and shady areas

  • Play an important role in plant succession on bare rocks/soils

  • Plant body more differentiated than algae

  • Thallus-like plant body is attached to substratum by unicellular or multicellular rhizoids.

  • Lack true roots, stem and leaves; may possesses root-like, stem-like, and leaf-like structure

  • Sporophyte is dependent on gametophyte for food. Hence, it remains attached to the gametophyte.

  • Few cells of sporophyte undergo meiosis to produce spores (haploid).

  • Spores germinate to form gametophyte. 

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