Explain Ganga action plan

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  • The Ganga Action plan was an ambitious project introduced in the year 1985 to reduce the increasing pollution levels in the river Ganga. 
  • The aim of this plan was to treat the sewage, control bacterial load, industrial pollution and maintaining water quality in the river. 
  • Two main reasons responsible for the pollution of river Ganga are: 
    1)  Human waste: 
    Human waste is one of the major factors responsible for the pollution of Ganga. Domestic waste such as bathing, daily waste, defecation, laundry etc leads to the pollution of the river. 

    2)  Religious events: 
    Millions of people bathe in river Ganga because of its holy aspect which may lead to its pollution. Moreover, discharge of ashes of cremated bodies, food, flowers etc for religious purposes adds to its pollution.

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