Explain properly this question please

In this question they are saying,

There were 3 people,There names are A,B and C.then they are saying that A can finish his job in 12 days,B can finish in 15 days and C can on 20 days.A,B and C WORKED TOGETHER FOR 2 days to finish all of their job but C left . so they are asking how much time or days would A and B take to complete their all work




Work is done by A in one day =151​

By B=121​


Together in 1 Day =151​+121​+201​=604+5+3​=6012​=51​

2 days work = 52​

Remaining work = 1−52​=53​

one day work of  A,B ⇒A+B=151​+121​=604+5​=609​=203​ 

(A+B) work for t days = 203​t=53​

t=4 days

A and B will complete the work in 4 days.

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