Explain q123 tell how option 2 is correct

Explain q123 tell how option 2 is correct yassage ot ova by the ciliaw movement ü-act is also fac II movements are locomotions but all locomotions are not movements (4) Macrophages and lecuocytes in blood exhibit amoeboid movement 123 Which of the following protein structure is/are 124. include in anisotropic band of sarcomere ? yosin rods only 2 Myosin rods and actin rods both (3) Only actin rods (4) Actinin on Identify conect tementsfor given diagram :-

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Refer below for above asked query:-
Option 2 is correct.
The proteins present in A(anisotropic) Band are Actin and Myosin rods respectively.
These proteins can be seen in A band, the picture is provided below :-
Image result for structure of sarcomere

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