Explain some examples from our every day life based on Newton's laws of motion .

  • example of activities based on 1st law;

When you are going in a bus and driver suddenly puts break your body falls forward.it is because of the first law your upper body want to move continue the motion but your lower body is fixed to the seat of the bus so you fall forward.

  • example of activities based on 2nd law:
when we push something the object accelerate .
when we apply the brake the car stop, so due to resistive force the car decelerates.
  • example of activities based on 3rd law;
  1. walking on a road
  2. rowing a bow
  3. swimming because the swimmer pushes the water backwards and the water pushes the swimmer forward
  4. when a bullet is fired from the gun a deflating balloon demonstrate the principle of working of a jet inject

  • 1
Jumping, throwing a ball,paying cricket
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