Explain the interconversion of 3 states of matter in terms of force of attraction and kinetic energy of molecules.

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Interconversion of solid , liquid and gas is done by changing the conditions like, solid has the strongest force of attraction in the molecules so that they remain fixed and have minimum kinetic energy, while the liquid have comparatively weak force of attraction and higher kinetic energy of molecule while the gaseous molecules have the highest kinetic energy and weakest force of attraction so that they remain apart.

So, to convert solid to liquid, solid is provided more energy so that intermolecular force of attraction weakens and converts to liquid while the liquid is converted to solid by cooling and pressurizing so that the the kinetic energy decreases .

Solid  ⇔ Liquid  

For interconversion of liquid and gas , liquid is heated by providing more energy so that K.E of liquid becomes equal to gas while the gas is cooled and condensed to convert it back to liquid form.

 Liquid  ⇔ Gas

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