Explain the reaction on metals and non metals in acids and bases

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1. Most of the metals react with acids to form salt and hydrogen gas. Only the less reactive metals like copper,silver and gold do not react with dilute acids.
Magnesium metal react with dilute hydrochloric acid to form magnesium chloride and hydrogen gas.

2. Reaction of Base with Metals:
When alkali (basereacts with metal, it produces salt and hydrogen gas. Example: Sodium hydroxide gives hydrogen gas and sodium zincate when reacts with zinc metal. Sodium aluminate and hydrogen gas are formed when sodium hydroxide reacts with aluminium metal.

3. Non metal react with bases to form salts and water. Reactions of other non-metals with bases are actually quite complex. Non-metal oxides are usually acidic in nature and react with bases in the same way as acids (salt and water).

4. Non-metals do not generally react with acids because when a substance, reacts with acids it provides electrons to the H+ ions produced by the acidsNon-metals are acceptors of electrons and hence, they cannot donate electrons.


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