Explain the structure of neuron with the help of a labelled diagram

Structure of Neurons

Cell Body - contains nucleus and organelles

Dendrites - receive input

Axon - conducts impulses away from the cell body

Axon hillock - an enlarged region where an axon attaches to the cell body

Synaptic terminal - Neurotransmitters are manufactured in the cell body but released from synaptic terminals. The neurotransmitters stimulate other neurons.

Synapse - A synapse is the junction between the synaptic terminal and another cell. The other cell is called a postsynaptic cell.

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The main body of the neuron is called the cell body and within the cell body is the neuron . The dendrites stick out like the points of a cactus from the cell body. There is a long axon that protrudes from the cell body which consists of the myelin that protects it like a covering. Beneath the axon and protruding from the axon which is on the opposite side of the cell body, are the axomal terminals. The nodes of Ranvier are within the spaces of the myelin in the axon. The saltatory conduction conducts the action potentials along myelinated axons from one node of Ranvier to the next node. The schwann cells exist within the myelin to help support the neuron.

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