Explain the terms plastoquinone, plastocyanin and ferredoxin??????

Plastoquinone is a quinone molecule that accepts protons and forms plastoquinol during the light dependent reactions of the electron transport chain.

Plastocyanin is a copper containing protein that transfers electrons from cytochrome f of photosystem II (of cytochrome b6f complex) to P700+ of photosystem I.  

Ferredoxin is iron sulphur proteins involved in electron transfer in a range of different metabolic reactions.

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all the three terms are the electron accepters during photosystem II (PSII)

  • Plastoquinone is a quinone molecule involved in the electron transport chain in the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis. Plastoquinone is reduced, forming plastoquinol.
  • Plastocyanin is a copper-containing protein that plays a role in the electron transport processassociated withphotosynthesis. It serves as an electron transfer agent between thecytochrom b6-f complexwhich followsphotosystemIIand the entry point toPSIof thenon cyclic transfer frocess.
  • Ferredoxins are acidic, low molecular weight, soluble iron-sulfur proteins found in various organisms, and act as multifuncitonal electron carriers in diverse redox systems

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