Explain why it is necessary to conserve habitats and ecosystems

It is very important to conserve ecosystem and wild life. The increased human intervention is a threat to them.

Wild life is an important natural resource. Wild life of plant and animals is a integral part of ecosystem. There loss will result in loss of biodiversity and cause unbalance in the ecosystem. Thus it is important to conserve them. Saving ecosystem is also important. As our life is also a part of ecosystem. If we conserve all natural resources then we can maintain healthy ecosystem. Conserving ecosystem is important to maintain continuity of life.

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The cost of repairing damaged ecosystems is considered to be much higher. Habitat conservation is important in maintaining biodiversity.. We conserve habitat to make sure the benefits of our natural resources—or ecosystem services. Habitat conservation for wild species is one of the most important issues..

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 in order to protect our enivirnment and to balance our nature ...... it is important for maintaining biodiversity..

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