Express the following sentences in indirect speech, using a variety of verbs instead of just 'said' or 'asked'.
1. " I am sorry for breaking the queue, " said the lady.
2. " Attention!" said the colonel to the soldiers.
3. " Who do you think broke the lock?" Said the police to us.
4. "The flight is delayed by half an hour," said the travel agent.
5. "May our great king live long !" Said the courtiers.
6. "Alas! I am ruined!" Said the merchant.
7. His friend said, "How could you be so unkind to your own sisters?"
8. "Stop making an unnecessary fuss over trifles," sunil's father said to him.
9. "The sun rises in the east and sets in the west," said the teacher.
10. "A team of champions collapsed like a house of cards against such an ordinary bowling attack. What a shame ! Boys, do you have any answer?" said the coach to the players.

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Given below is the answer to your question.
  1. The lady said that she was sorry for breaking the queue.
  2. The colonel commanded the soldiers to pay attention.
  3. The police asked us if we knew who would have broken the lock.
  4. The travel agent said that the flight was delayed by half an hour.
  5. The courtiers proclaimed hopefully that their king might live long.
  6. The merchant sighed sorrowfully that he was ruined.
  7. His friend asked him how he could be so unkind to his own sisters.
  8. Sunil's father asked him to stop making an unnecessary fuss over trifles.
  9. The teacher said that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
  10. The coach angrily asked the boys if they have an answer, as a team of champions had collapsed like a house of cards against an ordinary bowling attack and added that it was a shame. 
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