find out from your parents friend or teacher the name of some heros of other tribal revolt in the twentieth century write there story in your on word

 In the 20th century, due to exploitation of money lenders and traders tribal people revolted and some of the popular  uprisings are


  • Uprising of the tribals in Bastar in 1911
  • Revolt of Warli, in Maharashtra in 1940
  • Revolt of Koya tribes in 1922


Munda tribal hero Birsa


  • Born in poor family
  • He tried to reform tribal society
  • He influenced his tribal people to retrieve their past glory when their tribes had their own lands, cultivated it and enjoyed the benefits of harvest without any intermediaries
  • Uprising arose under Munda‚Äôs leadership and as a result he was arrested by the British
  • This enraged the people to show opposition against erring money lenders, churches, zamindars who have raided them and rendered home less



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