find out the role of lizards, owls, and bats in the biological control of pests.

Role of lizards: A number of pest insects (injurious insects) growing in agricultural fields are eaten by lizards (insectivorous lizards) which limits the pest multiplication. Hence, it help in the enhancement of agriculture. Also, lizards are easily available and so it is used frequently as a pest controlling agent.
Role of owls: The diet of owls is dominated by agricultural pests. Thirteen rodent species form a major part of their food, out of which seven are identified as major agricultural pests. About 88% of the total rodents (Pests) present in agricultural field can be eaten by owls.
Role of bats: Bats provide non-toxic pest control services to agriculture. It eats bugs which in turn eradicate mosquitoes and other annoying insects from the field.

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