footi aankh nahi suhana

is muhavre ka meaning.........

"bilkul accha na lagna"

ex = " wo mujhe footi aankh nhi suhaati" means :--

  " wo mujhe bilkul acchi nhi lagti "

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 sab se bora lagna

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is vachya comming because i have seen in sample paper
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Bilkul acha nahi lagna.
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???? ?? ?? ????? ????
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Bilkul achha nhi lgna
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acha nahi lagna
ya phir
to feel jealous
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Dear student
Lencho went out to have the pleasure of feeling the rain on his body. He?eagerly waited for the rainfall in order to get good harvest and he became happy when it came. He compared the raindrops to new coins because the crop needed the rain badly and it was the sign of good harvest in future.
Lencho was satisfied because he thought that the rain would ensure him a good harvest and a good yield.
Draped?is the word in the extract means same as 'covered'.
He regarded?the field of ripe corn with its flowers? means that the field is occupied with ripen corn having flowers on it. And relate this field of ripe corn as?covered in a curtain of rain.
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