For a plasmolysed cell which equation is correct . Options are - (a) DPD=OP+TP (b) DPD =-TP (c) DPD = OP (d) DPD = OP -TP also explain that particular option which is correct.

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The correct option is (c) DPD =OP. 
DPD stands for diffusion pressure deficit, OP stands for Osmotic pressure.
If there is any increase in the concentration of solute in a known volume of solution this would increases the DPD of the system. Thus increase in solute’s concentration also increases OP; hence DPD and OP are related to each other.

When cell is placed in a hypertonic solution water moves out, first from cytoplasm and then from vacuole. Cell membrane shrinks away from the cell wall. This is known as plasmolysis. Here a DPD gradient is created between the cell and external solution and furthermore, the diffusion of water out of the cell created OP gradient equal as DPD.


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